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"Home" - now taking orders!

Gooooooooooooooooood morning, Vietnam Livejournal! */Robin Williams impression*
As some of you may know, I wrote this little book...

Nearly everyone wants to fall in love. For Hannah, that means finding a nice, single lesbian--not so easy, even in a city as big as New York. When she meets Kate in Central Park, Hannah is sure she's found her dream girl. A sassy painter with a wicked sense of humor, Kate is everything Hannah wants...except that she's not a lesbian, and she's most definitely not single. Hannah hides her crush on Kate, and they build a friendship, but it's not long before another wrinkle presents itself: his name is Michael, and he just happens to be Kate's husband.

"Home" asks the question: How far outside the box can you think, if it means finding the place where you belong?

It's been a long road, but Home is at the printers, and I'm taking pre-orders! I've been pondering it, and while I was determined to offer something special to the first 50 people to order the book from me, I couldn't decide what. So, I'm going to let you pick.

1. Free shipping! Take that money and have a drink on me and my Muses.


2. Pay for shipping (5.95GBP/5USD for up to 5 books), and I'll donate an equivalent amount to The Trevor Project or Give a Damn.

Now, you're probably asking how can you get your hands on what the New York Times would call "a breath-taking work of fiction" if they ever read it; the book that would win the Nobel Peace Prize if it advocated peace, instead of just promoting nookie, and for the low, low, middle-of-the-night-infomercial-for-spray-hair price of just 15GBP/23USD? Well, you just click the happy little button for whichever "something special" you choose.

(If you want your copy autographed, just make a note on the Paypal order, or drop me a comment to this post. I'll be happy to scribble something completely inappropriate and probably perverted lovely in it for you.)

Home - free shipping

Home - donate my shipping cost

TL; DR: Please buy my book. The cat needs Friskies, and momma needs a new pair of Skechers. Thank you.

OH! And please, feel free to spread this link like herpes!
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