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A Fresh Tart in a Stale World

Changing lives, one fanfic at a time.

Living Life at the Speed of Squee
6 June 1979
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My vitals:
*Insurance agent by day
*Author by night/weekend
*Semi-pro fangirl
*Obsessed with crime shows, Joss Whedon and girls

Thanks instincts for the freakin' awesome Idina mood theme!
angela montenegro, anthony rapp, astrology, avenue q, baking, baseball, bau, beckett/castle, behavioral analysis unit, behavioral science unit, bones, books, brad paisley, broadway, broadway shows, bsu, castle, castle/beckett, cats, charlotte king, charlotte/cooper, chick lit, children, chuck wicks, comedy, computers, cooking, cooper freedman, cooper/charlotte, country music, cowboys, crime, criminal minds, criminology, crossing jordan, csi, cuddling, dana scully, david duchovny, debating, destiny, disney, dorks, elphaba, elphaba/galinda, elphaba/glinda, emily prentiss, family guy, fanfic, fanfiction, fbi, femmeslash, filmmaking, firefly, forensics, fox mulder, garcia, garth brooks, gelphie, gil grissom, gillian anderson, glinda, glinda/elphaba, grease, green day, gregory maguire, grissom/sara, gsr, ham, hockey, hotch, i want to believe, idina menzel, independent film, ipod, ipods, j.j. jareau, jack hodgins, jack/angela, jesse l. martin, john douglas, kadee strickland, kate mulgrew, kevin smith, kirsten vangsness, laughing, law & order: svu, lesbianism, lesbians, love, mamma mia, mariska hargitay, martina mcbride, matthew gray gubler, maureen/joanne, michaela conlin, movies, mulder, muppets, music, norbert leo butz, paul adelstein, penelope garcia, private practice, profilers, profiling, psychological profiling, psychology, queer culture, rain, reading, rent, rick castle, romance, romance novels, rosario dawson, sara sidle, sara/grissom, sarcasm, scully, serenity, shemar moore, singing, smut, spencer reid, standup comedy, star trek: next generation, star trek: voyager, star wars, stargate: atlantis, stephanie march, stockard channing, swimming, taye diggs, the golden girls, the west wing, the x-files, tj thyne, tracie thoms, traveling, trisha yearwood, true crime, victimology, wicked, wicked: the musical, will&grace, writing, x-files, xfiles