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Comment to be friended

This journal is friends-only, but I love making new friends, so just drop me a comment.
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oh, but I'm not a witch!
;) No, but you're definitely not a warlock, either (it means "betrayer"), so you're allowed to visit, mere mortal.

And btw, nice icon!
Add me? I was filthanddecay, but I've renamed my journal and I'm starting fresh with friends. :}
Hiya. I'm Cate from If it is easier for you to credit my LJ, please do so. You can credit iceeicons (where I post all of my icons) instead as well. :)
Hi Cate :) Thanks for the fabulous icons! I'll credit your proper LJ ASAP.


11 years ago

Um, sweet layout!

Thanks, did it myself! And added back :)
Hi! Found ya through chenzel_love and also saw that the_mixer had ya as a friend. Sooooo...friend me back? lol
Sure!! always up for making new friends.


11 years ago

Just kinda stumbled onto this journal, but it looks fun; how 'bout it?
Welcome to the party! :D
I'm not a witch, but I've been called a bitch. They rhyme... Is that close enough?
Absolutely. Welcome to my insanity...btw, have forgotten to tell you in prior discussion - I adore your LJ name.


11 years ago

I came here through a Wicked community and you seem nice, so... Add me? ;)
this is lusciouslucius9, ive changed my LJ name, so if you want to stay lj friends, friend me back!

Done. tks for the reminder.
I really enjoy your stories on the chenzel community. lots of admiration from one writer to another enough to earn me a friending?

That should be an exclusively LJ word, "friending"
LOL! friending is definitely an LJ verb..and yes, of course you can join my insanity, if only because you have an Elizabeth Mitchell icon!!!!!!! *squees delightedly*
I seem to keep finding your journal over and over again while in different communities. Do you mind if I add you?
I'd love that! adding you back :)
Your fics are love.

Friend me?
*blush and melt* Absolutely!
i found your journal through femslash_100. i love all things wicked, and your journal looks like fun. mind if i friend you? :)
Not at all :) Welcome to the insanity!
May I add you? I am not a Witch, though I know several and they are all very pleasant people. I am, however, known as a goat. Somehow there is a mythic relationship between goats and Witchcraft. Some fellow named Baucis had something to do with it. What people don’t know is that he was a bartender who worked in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. He acquired access to a time machine with a defective carburetor. His time machine died out about 1,000 B.C. and he started talking about me. This was unfair, as I only failed to give him an adequate tip once. I was somewhat inebriated. But he talked about that drunken goat that hit on that woman and now, well you read Greek mythology. But the real story relates more to defective carburetors than goats.
Um. Hmm.

*scuffs floor*

redirected from reading a la Chenzel-L, and t-Chenzel-h, and um, realized that I recognized your moniker from reading L&O fic [the oh-so-long-multi-chapter piece].

You read the Emma Cabot series, huh? *laughs* Haven't started a Chenzel masterpiece...yet.

Welcome to the insanity that is my journal.


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

Well, I'm not a witch. But I do have an Elizabeth Mitchell icon...haha

I've been going through the archives at chenzel_love and you make me giggle and your stories make me happy. =)

Can I be your friend?
with an Elizabeth Mitchell icon? You can be my new BEST friend :D Welcome.
Tarty, you're the shiz. And your fic is rad. And your comments are always the best. I love you. I just came here to tell you that.

But I DO want to be friends. But I don't want to mess up your friend #. Right now, you have exactly 69 friends. That's pretty cool. So, I'd understand if you didn't want me (or someone else) to come along and have you make it 70. But if you're cool w/ it, I'd like to be friends.
Darlin', I'm a lesbian. 69 is just one of many numbers to me. (Somehow, that was funnier in my head.)

Welcome to the insanity that is my flist :D
you seem like fun, feel free to check out my journal as well.

Sweet :) Friended
Hate to be a bother; but you seem really interesting, therefore being the nosy child I am, I can't help but ask to be added. :P
A bother? Says the woman with an icon of Joanne and Maureen kissing, which has had me mesmerized for several minutes now! LOL. Welcome to the fray, always glad to make a new friend.
Hey, this works too. Friend me?
Abso-friggin-lutely. Also, I got MSN working again. You can find me under[at]hotmail[dot]com


10 years ago

Hey... This is Kelley Friend! (Well, Nelson Now...) How ya been? susie190 told me who ya were and I thought it might be fun to catch up! Been a while... I'm surprised I didn't find you too when I did my schol search. That's how I found her. I must have been playing blind that day. Anyway... Add me, if you like!
I probably hadn't added my schools yet, then. It took me a while ... :D Nice to see someone from the old days - you're totally added!
just saw that you had friended me. wow, i'm observant. just wanted to say hi and let you know that i friended you back. yay!
LOL! Yay. Welcome to my insanity.
Hey, this is "heartsandmindsx" on AIM.. I've been having fun talking with all you fellow House/Cam fans every Tuesday, so I thought I'd add you..

House and Wicked = ♥

Add me back?
Of course I'm adding you back :D Can't very well wait until next Tuesday to chat again LOL

it's naomi from the house/cam barrettesandvicodin chat
Hey! Welcome to my insanity :)


10 years ago

*drops a comment.. then picks it back up and puts a bandaid over the boo-boo* lol.. sorry couldn't resist
Teehee! Added, 'cuz you're a RENThead.
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