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"Home" - now taking orders! [05 Oct 2010|11:23pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Gooooooooooooooooood morning, Vietnam Livejournal! */Robin Williams impression*
As some of you may know, I wrote this little book...

Nearly everyone wants to fall in love. For Hannah, that means finding a nice, single lesbian--not so easy, even in a city as big as New York. When she meets Kate in Central Park, Hannah is sure she's found her dream girl. A sassy painter with a wicked sense of humor, Kate is everything Hannah wants...except that she's not a lesbian, and she's most definitely not single. Hannah hides her crush on Kate, and they build a friendship, but it's not long before another wrinkle presents itself: his name is Michael, and he just happens to be Kate's husband.

"Home" asks the question: How far outside the box can you think, if it means finding the place where you belong?

It's been a long road, but Home is at the printers, and I'm taking pre-orders! I've been pondering it, and while I was determined to offer something special to the first 50 people to order the book from me, I couldn't decide what. So, I'm going to let you pick.

1. Free shipping! Take that money and have a drink on me and my Muses.


2. Pay for shipping (5.95GBP/5USD for up to 5 books), and I'll donate an equivalent amount to The Trevor Project or Give a Damn.

Now, you're probably asking how can you get your hands on what the New York Times would call "a breath-taking work of fiction" if they ever read it; the book that would win the Nobel Peace Prize if it advocated peace, instead of just promoting nookie, and for the low, low, middle-of-the-night-infomercial-for-spray-hair price of just 15GBP/23USD? Well, you just click the happy little button for whichever "something special" you choose.

(If you want your copy autographed, just make a note on the Paypal order, or drop me a comment to this post. I'll be happy to scribble something completely inappropriate and probably perverted lovely in it for you.)

Home - free shipping

Home - donate my shipping cost

TL; DR: Please buy my book. The cat needs Friskies, and momma needs a new pair of Skechers. Thank you.

OH! And please, feel free to spread this link like herpes!
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[11 Sep 2010|03:52pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

I'm doing a little friends cut, you guys. If I deleted you, it's because I'm a bitch and I hate you...J/K, it's because either you don't post, or I forgot why I friended you, or something. If I unfriended you but you want back on, send me a private message and we'll hash it out.

If you friended me for fanfic, I don't post any here anymore. I rarely write fanfic anymore, but when I do, I post it on fanfiction.net where my pen name is my real name, Nicole Berman; feel free to look me up! When it's Private Practice fic, I also post it on coop_n_char and pp_fic.

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Songwriters/poets needed! [23 Jul 2010|11:12am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Hello, friends-list :D I'm in a bit of a jam, and I'm hoping someone here can help. So, I've written this little book, and Fey Publishing has been kind enough to accept it for publication! There's a little glitch, though. Turns out I'm something of a music addict, and I sprinkled lyrics throughout the book. And there's this little thing called copyright infringement...oops. My bad.

So, I'm a girl in need of a song or poem that could be used as song lyrics. If you are (or someone you know is) a songwriter, poet, etc. I need you! Ideally, I'd like it to be about not judging a book by its cover, never knowing what's going on under the surface, something like that. The original song was Amanda Marshall's 'Everybody's Got a Story', just for reference. But I'm not going to be picky here. Time is of the essence, so if it even remotely fits, I'm going to jump on it like a lioness on a sick gazelle, mmkay?

We can't afford to pay in dollars, but how does a truckload of free publicity sound? I'll link to you on my Facebook, LJ, twitter, etc. We'll feature your name, lyrics and website info in the book (and probably on the publisher's website as well, though I'm not 100% sure on that). I'll personally pimp you from here to Mozambique, tell everyone you're the best songwriter/poet EVER in the history of EVER, you're my best friend, you're an incredible lover, whatever. (J/K on that last one. Unless you really need me to. I'm flexible.)

Seriously, though--HELP. PLEASE. I'm keeping this post unlocked (unless my "people" tell me I can't for some legal reason), so link it everywhere, tell your friends, please please I'm begging you please. Think of it as American Idol Lite--all the flavor, none of the cash!

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Comment to be friended [01 Jan 2000|01:01am]
[ mood | complacent ]

This journal is friends-only, but I love making new friends, so just drop me a comment.
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